Macro nutrients for liquid fertilisers

Sugar Cane Molasses and other related co-product liquids provide a valuable source of macro nutrients that can be blended to produce a variety of effective and economic liquid fertiliser solutions. The nutrients in these liquids help to promote healthy plant growth and enhance levels of beneficial soil micro-organisms. In comparison to the more traditional manufactured fertilisers we can supply liquids which are an attractive alternative.

United Molasses has successfully developed a range of bespoke liquid solutions through working closely with a range of suppliers and partners across the United Kingdom. We have access to a variety of liquid products that can be used to produce fertilisers with specific NPK levels to meet the requirements of our customers. As well as the three main macro-nutrients our products also contain a vast quantity of micro-nutrients that are also essential for plant growth.

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience developing products for Niche markets that require specialised blends.

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