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What is Molasses?

​Molasses is a by-product of the sugar refining industry so its availability is governed by world sugar production.  Molasses is essentially the end-product of the sugar manufacturing process once all the sugar has been crystallised from the raw crop, the molasses is the dark residual liquid remaining.

There are two types of molasses, the by-product liquids from refining sugar cane and sugar beet respectively. Sugar cane is produced in around 45 tropical countries throughout the world. Sugar beet production is concentrated mainly in northern Europe and the USA.

One hundred tonnes of sugar cane will produce approx. 10-11 tonnes of sugar and 3-4 tonnes of cane molasses, in comparison one hundred tonnes of sugar beet will produce approx. 11-12 tonnes of sugar and 4-6 tonnes of beet molasses.

Sugar, in particular sucrose is the major component of molasses.  The other sugars that are found in the composition of molasses are the invert sugars Glucose and Fructose.