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Molasses is used as a microbiological energy source in a wide range of fermentation processes.

Molasses and fermentation processes

Bakers and Brewers
Cane molasses has significant biotin content which bakers’ and brewers’ yeasts need for growth; synthetic biotin must be added where beet molasses is used.

Citric Acid
Large amounts of citric acid for use in soft drinks and pharmaceuticals are produced from moulds adapted to utilise cane and beet molasses as their energy source.

Cane Molasses contains B vitamins and biotin, which help the fermentation processes that produce ethanol for use in alcoholic drinks, cosmetics and solvents. Due to the buffering capacity of beet molasses, a greater quantity of sulphuric acid must be used to reduce pH to optimum fermentation levels than when cane molasses forms the energy stock.

Molasses is an ideal energy source for the process involved in producing monosodium glutamate and lysine amino acids, which are used in both human and livestock food processing.

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