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Molasses is used in a number of industrial applications where both its binding and beneficial biological properties have been effectively and innovatively utilised:-

Molasses and the binding process

Molasses is used in a diverse range of industries due its excellent non pollutant binding properties. It has an advantage over other binding materials such as tar and lignin sulphonate as it does not produce a toxic emission on combustion instead it produces only carbon dioxide thus is much safer for the environment. In addition as a liquid it is easy to handle and incorporate into various manufacturing processes.

Steel Briquetting
The steel industry produces a significant amount of waste, in the form of dusts or sludges that are too fine to handle without further processing. This has created a need to bind this waste together in the form of briquettes so it can be recycled to produce valuable steel products.

Converting this steel waste into briquettes will significantly reduce the operating costs of the plant, transforming the dusts and sludges into valuable steel that otherwise would be discarded to landfill.

Cane molasses mixed with lime is an ideal binder for this process as it will produce high quality briquettes which are both environmentally and physically acceptable.

Coal Briquetting
During the mining of coal a lot of fines are produced that have little use unless a process is undertaken to bind all of the small fines together.

As with Steel Briquetting, molasses is also commonly used as a binder agent for coal briquettes in both the domestic and industrial sectors as molasses does not release any pollutants on burning.

Carbon Black Agglomeration
Cane Molasses gives a consistent and stable performance as a binding agent for easier, safer and more efficient handling of fine carbon powder which is used to reinforce and colour pneumatic tyre rubber in addition to being employed in printing, pigments, sugar refining and other chemical processes. Absence of impurities which are found in alternative products, coupled with consistent specific gravity, makes UM cane molasses the ideal carbon black binder.

Stabilising Cement
A low rate of molasses added to cement delays concrete setting by 12 to 24 hours which allows pumping or temporary storage. This is a useful characteristic for larger scale operations; it has been employed on motorway and Channel Tunnel construction.

Casting Moulds
Molasses can work as effective sand glue for the manufacture of casting moulds. The lack of toxic emissions during firing and moulding gives molasses a distinct advantage over more conventional alternatives.

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